The following people were arrested on felony charges related to sexual offense violations and booked into the Highlands County Jail from Aug. 5 through Aug. 12. Non-arrest sexual offender registrants are also listed for the same time frame.

Andrew Joseph Iglesias Sr., 42, of 5427 Granada Blvd. in Sebring was arrested Aug. 7 by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. He is being charged with failing to report a name of residence change in complying with the sex offender registration laws, according to authorities. He was originally adjudicated guilty in Dade County in 2002 for three counts lewd/lascivious assault on a victim under 16 years-old and one count of lewd/lascivious battery on a child 12-16 years old.

Richard Allen Wheaton II, 49, of 1236 Melody Lane in Sebring, registered as a sex offender on Aug. 8. This was not a new arrest; it was only a registration.

A sexual offender is someone who has been convicted of one or more sexual crimes against minors. There is a likelihood that they would repeat their crimes.

A sexual predator is at high risk of committing a sex crime against a minor. They may do it more than once and there is usually an element of violence involved.

To search for sexual offenders or predators near you, visit or use the Offender Watch link at

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, people convicted of a sexual crime are required to report the following information at their local sheriff’s office:

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. Social security number

4. Race

5. Sex

6. Height and weight

7. Hair and eye color

8. Tattoos or other identifying marks

9. Fingerprints

10. Palm prints

11. Photograph

12. Occupation and place of employment

13. Residential address(es) including transient (i.e. homeless)

14. Vehicle information

15. All home telephone numbers and cellular telephone numbers

16. All electronic mail addresses, internet identifier’s, and each internet identifier’s corresponding website homepage or application software name.

17. Conviction information

18. Passport information

19. Immigration status/documentation

20. Professional license information

All the information provided will be public record, unless exempted, according to Chapter 119, F.S. Sexual offenders and sexual predators are required to update this information for their entire lives.


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