SEBRING — It’s not often that firefighters have difficulty in reaching a motorist, resulting in the need to cut a car open.

On Sunday afternoon on U.S. 27, city of Sebring firefighters had to cut open a white late-model Toyota sedan to get to 90-year-old Daniel Yuhascik of Lake Placid, who reportedly pulled out in front of an oncoming car.

The wreck took place at 12:25 p.m. Sunday, said Sebring Police Cmdr. Curtis Hart.

He said Yuhascik pulled out of a driveway, just south of Fortune Boulevard, onto northbound U.S. 27 in front of a vehicle driven by Dustin Williams, 29, of Sebring.

Williams had just switched from the middle to the outside lane as he approached the driveway.

Hart did not have a make or model for Williams’ vehicle, but said Williams had his two children with him, a 2-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter.

Williams’ car hit Yuhascik’s Toyota in the driver’s side, spinning it around, careening off the road onto the shoulder.

It came to a stop in front of Kay Aluminum, Hart reported.

While Williams and his passengers had minor injuries, if any, Yuhascik did have injuries, Hart said.

The fire department report stated firefighters were called out to a “vehicle rollover with possible entrapment.” Ladder 15 was at Fireman’s Field and responded along with Ladder 14 and Engine 14 from the downtown station.

Highlands County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief 1 told them over the radio that the driver was entrapped and they’d have to use tools to free him, the report said.

The vehicle had heavy driver’s side damage and it appeared his left leg was caught under the dashboard. Crews stabilized the car to let Highlands County Emergency Medical Services go in through the passenger side and tend to the driver — covering him with a fire blanket to protect him from flying glass during the extrication.

Firefighters cut off the roof and then the driver’s door, at which time Yuhascik’s leg was free. Both EMS and firefighters got him out of the car for transport.

Hart said Wednesday that Yuhascik was airlifted, and ruled at fault in the wreck. However, police officers had yet to talk with him, so no citations had been issued.


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