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AVON PARK — Excessive curbside trash and debris, and trash thrown outside of dumpsters were among some of the city cleanup issues Councilman Stanley Spurlock brought up at a recent City Council meeting.

Spurlock said the city was fortunate that Hurricane Dorian didn’t affect the area, but it seems like they can’t get the city cleaned up with piles of rubbish everywhere.

Why does the city keep falling behind and is it going to straighten out now that the city has another truck, he asked.

City Manager David Flowers said the city has two (clam) trucks now, but had only one on the weekend prior to the hurricane. That one truck was working through the weekend to pick up as much as possible.

“But, what we found during this event is that a lot of people on Friday and Saturday were cutting down their trees and cutting their limbs and throwing them out right then,” he said.

Spurlock said he wasn’t going to say that didn’t happen.

He asked why there are dumpsters on DeSoto Avenue where people throw everything around them, but don’t put anything in them. There is a pile 6-feet high and almost 20-feet long of furniture beside one of those dumpsters. The pile has been there “forever.”

The city should put garbage receptacles at every one of the apartment buildings and make the tenants pay for garbage instead of supplying them with a dumpster if they are going to throw garbage on the side of the road, Spurlock said.

City Attorney Gerald Buhr said if they are dumping stuff on the side of the dumpster, the city can make the apartment management clean that up. It shouldn’t be something the city workers should have to manually handle.

Mayor Garrett Anderson said apartment complexes typically have dumpsters instead of individual garbage cans.

Flowers said he would find out about it.

Spurlock asked if the city was putting red tape around the excessive trash piles and contacting the people who are responsible?

Flowers said that was one of the things the City Council discussed a few weeks ago, which has to be updated in an ordinance.

Spurlock said the city needs an ordinance on all the sizes of mattresses so the city can inform the people about the cost of disposing of the items. The city is horrible with that, he said.

Flowers said he agreed and it happens every season. He is working on a uniform fee schedule for debris, he added.


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