Pearl Harbor survivor dies at age 103

FORT LAUDERDALE — One of the oldest survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack has died at age 103.

Doug Iscovitz says his father, Joseph Iscovitz, died Tuesday at a South Florida nursing home.

The younger Iscovitz says his father could see the faces of the Japanese pilots as they dropped bombs around the naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1941. Joseph Iscovitz was a supply sergeant who oversaw weapons. His son says they were woefully unprepared for the attack and feared a land invasion. He said his father helped put barbed wire along Waikiki Beach.

Iscovitz, who also fought in the Korean War, will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

His wife died in 2000 after 56 years of marriage. He is survived by four sons.

Disney World contractor rescued after getting trapped

ORLANDO — Authorities say a Walt Disney World contractor was partially trapped in a parking lot when he fell into a deep hole as the ground collapsed.

Mike Jachles, a spokesman for Orange County Fire Rescue, says the unnamed man was standing near a trench when the ground gave way on Tuesday.

He says the hole was eight to 10 feet deep. Firefighters used hand tools to dig him out.

Jachles tells the Orlando Sentinel one of the man’s legs was trapped up to his thigh. Firefighters had to make sure they wouldn’t cause any injuries to the man or create a larger hole.

The man was alert and conscious the entire time. He was taken to a hospital to get checked out but didn’t have any injuries.

Principal reassigned after Holocaust remarks blames parent

BOCA RATON — A Florida high school principal who was reassigned for telling a student’s mother that “not everyone believes the Holocaust happened” blames the parent for his removal in a farewell message to his staff.

William Latson said in his message on Monday that he was being reassigned because of false statements by the mother.

The Palm Beach Post obtained the message Tuesday through a public-records request and reports that Latson was reassigned because of the public outcry over his written comments in an email to the mother who had inquired whether students at the school study the Holocaust.

The Anti-Defamation League in Florida has called for his resignation or termination. The anti-hate group says Latson’s farewell comments suggest an earlier apology wasn’t genuine.

US can file secret evidence against Mar-a-Lago interloper

WEST PALM BEACH — A federal judge will let prosecutors file secret evidence in the trespassing case of a Chinese woman accused of sneaking into President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club because it contains national security information.

District Judge Roy Altman said in a two-page order filed Tuesday that he reviewed the evidence against Yujing Zhang that prosecutors want to keep secret and agrees its disclosure could “seriously damage” U.S. national security.

Zhang is charged with illegally entering the president’s Florida club in March and then lying to Secret Service agents when confronted. Here trial is scheduled for next month.

Authorities say she was carrying a computer and other electronics when arrested, but hasn’t been charged with espionage. She fired her public defenders last month to serve as her own attorney. She remains jailed without bond.


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