SEBRING — A Hill-Gustat Middle School student will have her piece of art on display at the State Capitol after winning the county-level Art in the Capitol Competition.

HGMS seventh-grader Caterina Dejongh took the first-place honors in the art competition that had entrants from Hill-Gustat and Sebring Middle schools.

Her stained glass-like depiction of a woman will be displayed at the State Capitol Building from March 5, 2019 until May 3, 2019 and then returned to her.

One of the judges, Sebring High art teacher Steve VanDam, said the judges were looking for completed artwork that incorporated the elements and principles of design.

“We were looking for work that would be eye-catching and look good hanging on the wall, seeing it would be going to Tallahassee,” he said. “Seeing it would be representing our county, we were looking for pieces that were well crafted and might share a little about our county.

“We appreciated the first two [first- and second place] for their stained glass look in a more Cubistic style,” VanDam said. Third place was very detailed with strong design quality.

HGMS eighth-grader Katrina Ashley Siason took second place and third-place honors went to Sebring Middle sixth-grader Leah Koehle.

The student art work was on display Friday, Nov. 30 at the Circle Theatre in downtown Sebring.

The “Honorable Mentions” from Hill Gustat Middle School are:

Sixth-grade: Sophie Cram, Noelani Velez, Alaysia Metts, Alexis Martin, Jasmine Reynaud and Mya Englehard.

Seventh-grade: Silayne Texidor, Alexis Schupp, Abigail Gonzalez and Desiree Estevez.

Eighth-grade: Chance Casey, Denise Hermoso, Danielle Siason, William Baxley, Lillian Timpe and India Anderson.

The “Honorable Mentions” from Sebring Middle School, all sixth-graders, are: Lucero Velasco, Emma Helseth, Kale Martz, Maya Van Dam, Sondas Katramiz, Rachel Swaine, Daniel Holmes, Caitlin Strength and Rylie Brooker.


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