SEBRING — With enrollment down slightly this year, six teaching positions would be trimmed according to Superintendent Brenda Longshore’s listing of personnel allocations for the 2019-20 school year.

At a Tuesday workshop, the School Board of Highlands County will discuss/review the personnel allocations that will be included in the school district’s 2019-20 budget.

The only change shown on the cover sheet is a reduction of six school level instructional positions from 823.1 in 2018-19 to 817.1 and an overall reduction of six positions from 1,535.6 to 1,529.6.

The summary of changes shows a decrease of eight teachers, but an increase of one ESE resource teacher and an increase of one resource teacher/dean allocation for a net decrease of six school level teaching positions.

Longshore said recently that student enrollment is down slightly this year compared to last year.

The state’s Class Size formula is used to determine the number of teaching positions at each school, thus schools that have seen a drop in enrollment will have fewer teachers.

Preliminary personnel allocations will be based on projected enrollment, according to Longshore. Consideration will be given to changes in current enrollment and other known changes.

If the personnel plan is approved by the School Board during the budget process, Sebring High School would have the largest reduction in teachers with a decrease of 5.5, followed by Cracker Trail and Lake Placid elementary schools with both earmarked to lose four teachers and Sun ‘n Lake Elementary School, which would lose three teachers.

The largest increase would be 2.5 at Lake Placid Middle School and two more teachers at both Sebring Middle School and Avon Elementary School.

Other schools have minor changes and Avon Park High School and the Kindergarten Learning Center have no proposed changes.

The proposed changes for 2019-20 are minor compared to last year when Longshore’s draft plan for 2018-19 showed a net reduction of 30.5 full-time positions including a reduction of 13.5 school level instructional positions, 11 school level support positions, four district level instructional and two district support jobs.

Personnel allocations will be reviewed multiple times along with a review of each department’s budget before the district’s final budget for 2019-20 is approved in September.


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