AVON PARK — The Avon Park City Council will consider approving the fire assessment rates for 2018-19 with no changes from current rates, at its meeting at 6 p.m. today.

The rates on the fire assessment resolution remain unchanged from the 2017-18 rates, at $80 per residential dwelling; commercial at 4.3 cents per square foot; industrial/warehouse at .7 cents per square foot; and governmental/institutional at 1.8 cents per square foot.

The resolution states the estimated fire rescue assessed cost for fiscal year 2018-19 is $413,000 and the city manager shall apportion it among assessed property in the manner spelled out in the initial assessment resolution.

In other business, the City Council will consider approving the placement of the War Dog Memorial at the Community Center. At the June 25 Council meeting, Anna Marie Feeney said the executive board of Battle of the Bands suggested the Community Center site for the memorial. The initial proposed site on the Main Street Mall would have required approval from the Florida Department of Transportation.

The Council requested that city staff look into the memorial placement at the Community Center, and staff has designated an area for approval.

An aerial photo shows two possible locations, both at the front of Community Center facing Main Street. Both are to the right of center with one close to the sidewalk on Main Street and the other close to the sidewalk leading to the front doors of the Community Center.

Also, the agenda shows the city manager will provide updates on upcoming agenda items: budget discussion and preliminary millage rate adoption.

The city manager will provide an update on the city’s consideration of purchasing the Sebring Ridge Utilities wastewater system.

The owners of the utility, Chris and Julia Miller, presented a $650,000 proposal, which includes 17 acres of land that are zoned B-3 property and seven additional lots. Without the B-3 property and lots, the sale price is $450,000.

Council wanted know how much it would cost to improve the reliability of the system.

The Council Chambers is at 123 E. Pine St.


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