COURTESY PHOTO This artwork from Maureen Fulginiti won last year's Caladium Festival Art Competition and has been used as postcards and posters to promote the 2018 festival.

LAKE PLACID — At last year’s festival, Maureen Fulginiti’s “Caladiums at Sunset” won the 2018 Caladium Festival Art Competition. Her original pastel drawing has been hanging in Heartland National Bank over the past year. The design has been used on posters, T-shirts and more to promote this year’s popular annual event.

Fulginiti teaches art to adults and kids at the Caladium Arts & Crafts Cooperative. She has entered multiple competitions and won many awards. Although she has entered the Caladium Festival Art Competition several times, this was the first time she won the coveted First Place ribbon and prize money. Not surprisingly, she used the money to buy art supplies.

Each piece of artwork that was submitted in the competition had to showcase caladiums; other than that requirement, the artists had free reign.

“I looked through photographs I had. I got the idea from a picture of my front yard,” Fulginiti said. “I thought ‘well, that’s different, the bright sunset and dark trees.’ So, that’s what I did. I incorporated my front yard into a row of caladiums. I was surprised because I do predominantly pastels and I don’t think anyone has ever entered one before; so it was different.”

The piece depicts a large row of caladiums in reds, greens, pinks and white and all shades in between against a sunset in oranges, and a darkening sky with a few darkened pine trees behind the caladiums. The artist said it took her about a week to complete by working on it on and off. She is entering another pastel piece for the 2019 competition.

Fulginiti is retired and can dedicate more time to the craft that she loves.

“I always loved art,” she said. “I never applied myself. You know how it is when you have kids and you’re working. Who’s got time for playing around with art? I used to show dogs so, that took a lot of time.

“So,when I retired, Harriet Porter brought me over here (to Lake Placid) to work on murals or something; it just pushed me into art,” Fulginiti said.

For more information about art lessons, call the Caladium Arts & Crafts Cooperative at 863-699-5940.



“Caladiums at Sunset,” by Maureen Fulginiti won last year’s Caladium Festival Art Competition and has been used to promote the 2018 festival.


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