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SEBRING — Nu-Hope Elder Care Services is pleased to announce that the organization will move its administrative offices to 3530 Office Park Road, in Sebring, effective Monday, Nov. 18.

The administrative building will serve as the central location for the coordination of nutritional and in-home services, as well as the administrative and fiscal departments of the organization. The Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program, a crisis intervention program, will also be located at the facility. NU-HOPE’s Sebring Thrift Store, which moved to the site in August of 2018, is next to the new facility.

The move to a centralized location is part of a strategic plan to ensure that the resources required to address the needs of seniors and caregivers are available and utilized efficiently- both today and in the future.

“More than one out of three residents in our county is over the age of 65, the fifth highest share among Florida’s 67 counties,” states Nu-Hope Executive Director Ingra Gardner. “By 2060, that will increase to nearly two out of five, with seniors exceeding the number of residents under the age of 25.”

Gardner adds, “For over 44 years, Nu-Hope has addressed the needs of seniors and their caregivers. We are invested in our community, and our mission to provide leadership, advocacy, education and the provision of services to seniors and their caregivers which prevents premature nursing home placement.”

A key feature of the new administrative building is the Education and Training Conference Room.

“In the old facility, the only room available for training was too small for the organization to meet with all staff in a single session. It was also too small for us to meet with community partners,” Gardner said. “And yet, education is a key component of Nu-Hope’s mission.

We are excited that the new facility will allow us to provide comprehensive training, as well as to hold listening and educational sessions with stakeholders. By increasing awareness of issues impacting seniors and caregivers, the entire community can take the steps needed to become stronger and more supportive for individuals of all ages and abilities.”

The relocation also marks a shift from renting office space to residing on land owned by Nu-Hope Elder Care Services.

“Constant rental costs can drain limited financial resources and undermine program development and expansion,” Gardner said. “Purchasing property has enabled Nu-Hope to build equity and exponentially increase our community presence. The permanent home has created a sense of place for the organization and is now an anchor for those we serve, as well as community stakeholders.”

While the address for the new location has changed, all other contact information for Nu-Hope Elder Care Services, such as email addresses, phone and fax numbers will remain unchanged.

Individuals or organizations seeking more information about the relocation, services provided by the organization, or ways to support the mission are encouraged to contact Nu-Hope at 863-382-2134.


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