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Good food and home-cooked meals are on everyone’s minds this month. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and even more holidays after that, I’d say I, like everyone else, am in feast mode at nearly any given moment these days. Catch me wearing stretchy pants and oversized hoodies all month …

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Some 98 years ago, an American soldier whose name was only known to God alone, was buried on a Virginia hillside overlooking the great Potomac River and the city of Washington. This site is now known as Arlington National Cemetery, a place of dignity and reverence for American veterans forever.

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Veterans Day is the day we honor all men and women who have served and given years of their lives to protect those at home who rarely acknowledge the sacrifices that the veterans have made to protect this country and our way of life. They risked all in dangerous situations for little pay and…

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After a seemingly eternal summer, fall has set upon Highlands County and November has begun. With the colder temperatures, colored leaves, and snowbirds come election season. Candidates are beginning to line up their candidacies for various offices throughout the country, varying from Distri…

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A little over a year ago, the Canadian non-profit Citizen Lab released a damning report into the activities of NSO, an Israeli software development company. NSO makes a programme called Pegasus, which it sells to governments. This programme is a powerful surveillance tool, allowing governmen…

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There is nothing like an elected official baiting another elected official in an open meeting. Strategically the goal is to get the official being baited to speak about the issue, either there or in the future. This is known as taking the temperature of the room and, if it is hot, deflecting…

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The mapping of our country’s future doesn’t begin at the ballot box. Rather, the seeds we need to secure the future of our republic take root in classrooms — elementary, middle and high schools. But in the classrooms on college campuses, nourishing those seeds has become an outright battle.

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In the interests of full disclosure, I will admit that I am a solid Baby Boomer, born in 1958. It’s strange, because I don’t feel that old. I have trouble realizing that my youngest turned 30 this year, much less that I’ve become the older generation the younger one rails against.

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It has finally happened: The expansion of the EAA Chapter 1240 Aviation Development Center has been completed to the level that will allow us to conduct our monthly pancake breakfasts again. We have missed our community regulars and hopefully we will see them and others tomorrow, Nov. 9, thr…

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The impeachment fat was already in the fire. Last week’s partisan vote by the full U.S. House of Representatives to proceed with a formal impeachment process produced a roaring blaze. It won’t be long before the impending conflagration starts claiming victims.

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