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I feared that the upcoming 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing might get eclipsed by other celebrations (the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the 10th anniversary of financier Jeffrey Epstein’s latest girlfriend learning to tie her shoes, …

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To escape the past, you must confront it. That’s the reality Rice University accepted in recently announcing that it would join the growing number of institutions, cities, even nations that have decided to acknowledge the worst in their histories instead of trying to brush it aside.

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Americans who need insulin to survive should not have to caravan across the Canadian border to get it. And yet, in recent weeks, groups of desperate American diabetes patients have organized caravans to Canada to get the drug they say is now dangerously expensive in the United States.

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WASHINGTON — With a disgust commensurate with the fact, Michael Bennet, the Colorado Democrat, says that during 40% of his 10 Senate years the government has been run on “continuing resolutions.” Congress passes these in order to spare itself the torture of performing its primary function, w…

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A recent letter to the editor focused on the one, and only one, negative from President Trump's speech at the stunning July 4th celebration in Washington, DC. It is quite apparent that this was a liberal's mission to find an error in what was said — too bad because it was an excellent histor…

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If you read my column last week, you may recall I talked about a woman who went into a Lufkin, Texas Walmart, opened up a container of Blue Bell ice cream, licked it, and then put it back in the freezer all while being recorded by someone.

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The last time my family made the five-hour road trip to Galveston Island (a.k.a. The Playground of the South), we didn’t get much playtime. Instead, we spent two solid days in the cavernous Moody Gardens Convention Center waiting for the few precious minutes my eldest and most expensive daug…

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Exercise is good for us and we know it. It can be a struggle to get out of bed before dawn to walk some days, especially if we stay up too late. The next morning we just can’t bear to rise. On this morning, though bleary, we rose and plodded out the door.

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While at Highlands Regional Medical Center recently, I noticed the metal detector had been removed at the check-in desk. I’ll admit, the inconvenience of this kind of security crossed my mind the first time I encountered it back in January, but the feeling of safety I got from knowing no gun…

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I’m writing in response to a guest column that was published in the June 28 issue of your paper, the author found fault with lots of things about education at the local and global levels and indicated several ways that school districts, curriculum, schools, teachers, parents and students wou…

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