Well, we’ve done it again. Turning the clocks back like the slaves to an espresso grind, we find ourselves waking to darkness. At that mention, Mr. Harris will quickly remind we are always waking up when it’s dark because we walk each morning. In order to get these steps completed before the workday, we rise far ahead of the morning sun.

So dark as we plod along, only an intermittent security light, the moon or a spray of stars lights our way. Carrying a flashlight, we illuminate our progress to a scattering of vehicles transporting fellow early risers. About as set in their schedules are we are, time is judged not by a peek at a screen aglow in the darkness, but rather where we are on our route as they pass by.

On those rare occasions when we, or they, are off schedule, I wonder if they feel the same gnawing sense of concern driving by. Do they groggily wonder if they are late or correctly judge we have been delayed, likely by an ill pet or personal need? So regimented are we to our schedule. Truly it is the only way to accomplish all before us each day.

Now with the time change, we will wake before the cats and find ourselves on the other side of feline stink eye each morning. Regarded as rising when we should yet be sleeping, the kitten does not take kindly to her slumber being disturbed. It is only later when we produce the evening meal a full hour earlier than expected that the balance will tip back in our favor. “Oh how nice to dine early here at home,” our ancient orange feline eyes’ will shine. “Now I will be first in line to forage from other neighborhood cats bowls.”

I imagine his surprise when he visits his community haunts to find feline companions facing the same phenomenon. “What is it with these humans and the month of November,” they must snarl. Clearly this is what is being discussed with raised voices and shrieks of dismay in the overnight hours. That they put up with this whole Daylight Savings routine is remarkable.

The dingo of course will wonder as she spreads herself in full repose on the leather sectional why we are walking so much earlier than before. Of course the napping she will do in odd shifted hours will easily allow her to balance out the evening’s alteration in exercise.

The shifting of time affects all, but most especially the human members of the equation. There seems to be discussion of keeping Daylight Savings Time year round and considering our sunny locale, that is just fine with me. Leaving a favorite restaurant last Sunday evening, we drove home yawning the whole way and were seriously shocked when the clocked reflected back 6:20 p.m.

The slight chance that this may be the last time we dabble with time is nothing to crow about yet however. Until the bell tolls, it’s just numbers. I imagine a country of constant Daylight Time would be a positive thing and hopefully not impossible to put into place. Until then we embrace the dark.


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