Much like those in the northern states, Florida winters call for a special assortment of outerwear to protect one from the blustery elements. First things first, socks are a good idea. Unless you’re a die-hard Parrot head, socks are the first defense against frozen toes once temperatures plummet into the 40’s.

For women, a thermometer plunge provides a chance to wear fabulous winter styles we purchase even though there are only a handful of days we can wear it without experiencing heatstroke. I’ve been a southerner 30 years and have an extreme reaction to temperatures below 70. I flat out just don’t like it. I still own winter coats, gloves and ear protectors. If it hits 50, I’m sporting all of it. Laugh if you wish, but baby it’s cold outside.

That said, while visiting Gainesville some 200 miles north of here, we took our gal shopping. Everything decorated for the holidays, it was so festive and then we saw it. A particular store had a buy-one-sweater, get-one-free deal too good to pass up. Perusing all the fluff and lovely hues available, the sales gal let us know that wubbies were included. “What’s a wubby?,” I inquired. Pointing us to a display of the most oh-my-goodness-sweater-luscious-pile-of-fuzz I’ve ever seen, we were instantly mesmerized. “I want one,” my daughter cried as I grabbed a cloud somehow contained with stitching into a marshmallow-like cocoon.

Sliding into it, my daughter seemed dismayed. “I look like a sheep.” “Yes,” I replied, “A warm, cozy, snuggly sheep.” Taking one to Mr. Harris who had smartly set himself in one of the armchairs to scroll Facebook, I crooned over the textile confection in my arms. “Get that out of here,” he groused, waving me away. “I’m sweating just looking at it.”

Truthfully it was too much. Maybe if we lived in Montana or North Dakota, but there was no way you could wear that here and live to tell about it. Even I, Miss Freezing All the Time would only have rare occasion to do so. Instead we settled on two others reasonably poufy with warmth and fleece.

The first time I wore mine, the shedding around the office was a bit much. Note to self, no black slacks with that wardrobe item unless I want to look like I’ve been cuddling with the Himalayan cat next door.

That’s the rub for us Floridians. It’s sweater weather or worse everywhere else, but if we try to outfit ourselves festively, we will melt faster than Frosty did. Mornings can be downright brisk some days, but by afternoon it’s perfect outdoor weather. Downy sweaters are only needed if your work air conditioning is set to deep freeze.

After our past humid weekend, it was forecast to be in the low 40’s last night. I love going to work and seeing all the ladies making the most of it by piling into their favorite sweaters and boots. Today it may climb to 70. A day of winter here and there is just fine with me. As the weekend arrives we will once more shed those socks and pull out the flip flops as it reaches 80. Winter, Florida-style sure feels good even if you can’t wear a sweater.


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