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With students going back to school, this is a good time to talk to them about bullying. And who better to use as an example of the art of bullying than the President of the United States who has lied and bullied his way through life from the very beginning and now holds the highest position …

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Guns blazing from coast to coast and border to border with student shootings, disgruntled employees and mental cases and the astute NRA has the unmitigated gall to call Walmart shameful for deciding to stop gun sales in their over 4,000 stores.

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Let me count the ways that our normal week has gone. We've had a Category 5 hurricane; at least three shootings, Texas, Alabama, Chicago, with at least 14 dead and 51 wounded; a president playing golf and Bernie Sanders wanting to eliminate $1.5 trillion in medical expenses to patients along…

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As I write this, a tropical system predicted to become a major hurricane is potentially headed our way. Dorian may or may not impact Highlands County but if it does I am certain of one very important fact: The people of this county will deal with it as they did with Hurricane Irma. With conc…

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Friday afternoon with torrential rain falling, as customers exited from Walgreen’s next to the Village Inn, there stood a big guy with this huge umbrella. “May I walk you to your car?” he asked.

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Last week, a writer said he felt that Indivisible should not be challenging the Firemen's Association for selling guns directly across from Sebring High School. I could not find any reason in the column as to how he felt that the Firemen's actions were beneficial to the community.

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Yet another loaded gun makes its way into our schools. Are these guns coming from the student's home, or how are they being procured? Of course I am thankful the school resource officer confiscated the gun — that someone reported it, but what happens when it is not brought to their attention?

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Attention all Highlands County residents: It appears that the Highlands County Board of County Commission has been using tax revenues, based on values of all property, to pay for health insurance for all county, fire, EMS and sheriff employees and staff.

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When a group led by Indivisible appeared before the Sebring City Council to ask their help in getting gun shows across the street from Sebring High School moved elsewhere, the response from the president of the City Council was surprising. He seemed to view moving gun shows away from any sch…

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