There is magic when I push the throttle forward, the aircraft picks up speed rolling down the runway, and then I’m in the air. I know all the physics of what the wings do to create lift, but it is still magic to me.

I am now on my own magic carpet ride to whereever I want to go. A mile of road can take you out of town, a mile of runway can take you anywhere in the world.

There are many things I have been able to accomplish in my life. What I am most proud of besides becoming a father and husband is becoming a pilot. It is not an ego thing about being a pilot but rather the skills I acquired in flying the aircraft and seeing the world from a whole different point of view and going to places I have never been to before.

It doesn’t matter what you fly or how many hours you have as “Pilot in Command”, I am part of a community of aviators who can choose to leave the bonds of earth whenever they choose. What is the most special about my journey as a pilot is the people I have met and become friends with. They are some of the most amazing people from all walks of life and parts of the world. It is magic.

There is an EAA program that will help share the magic with those who would like to learn about becoming a pilot called “Flying Start”. EAA Flying Start is a new program that provides EAA chapters with an opportunity to reach out into the local community and bring those interested in aviation to the airport for a first-hand look at the wonders of flight.

EAA Sebring Chapter 1240 is hosting a Flying Start program on May 18, 9:00 AM at the chapter’s Aviation Development Center at the Sebring Regional Airport. Enter through Gate 24.

The program consists of an EAA-prepared presentation and video that provide information about topics ranging from what is involved in flight training and the types of certificates one can pursue, to how much it will cost in both time and money. Participants will discover what resources are available in our community to help you get in the air.

After the presentation, Flying Start attendees can experience aviation first-hand with a free introductory Eagle Flight provided by an EAA volunteer pilot. Attendees will also get a free six-month EAA membership, and a six-month EAA Chapter 1240 membership as well. There is no charge for the program.

If you have wondered what it would take to become a pilot and have your own magic carpet ride, or you have had always had the desire to do it someday, May 18th just might be the day you get started.

Seating is limited, so please e-mail Dale Huffman, ( EAA Chapter Flying Start Coordinator to reserve you place. There is no charge for the program. For additional information about EAA Chapter 1240, contact John Rousch at, or call or text 863-273-0522

Don’t forget about the EAA Chapter 1240 Pancake Breakfast tomorrow at the EAA building through Gate 24. Follow the signs. You can also register for the Flying Start program at the breakfast.


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