The midterms provided a mixed blessing both for our state and the nation. Statewide, I would have hoped for some different results but I was especially happy that two of the proposed amendments passed: one restored felon voting rights and the other got rid of greyhound racing. The right to vote should have never been restricted. Felons who have completed their sentences should enjoy their basic rights as citizens. One doesn’t have to do with the other. Vote restriction was an unconstitutional law that needed to go. I do understand why murderers and drug traffickers are excluded as they probably won’t leave prison or will remain on parole.

Greyhound racing is blatant animal cruelty for human amusement. I see it much like dog fighting. I’m pleased the majority of voters agreed.

Nationally, the shift in political power will hopefully provide some stability to a troubled government. There were quite a few surprises indicating the voters had a message to convey. After watching the train wreck of a White House press conference Nov. 7, I’m further convinced that checks and balances are more important than ever. The attacks on the free press are most concerning. Cry “fake news” all you like, but the camera doesn’t lie.

Warren Pender



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