SEBRING — The movement organized thousands of people from across the country to protest interference in the Robert Mueller investigator, and local members of the organization lined U.S. 27 in front of the Bert J. Harris Jr. Agricultural Center to support the cause.

The protests followed Attorney General Jeff Session’s resignation, which President Donald Trump requested. The group had requested that members be prepared to protest if Sessions resigned.

The resignation happened the day after the elections and before the House of Representatives is in session, Lorrine Volpe said.

The group began their demonstration at 5 p.m. and stayed until sunset and were encouraged by drivers giving them thumbs-up and honking their horns, said Audrey Asciutto, who ran as a Democrat for Florida House District 55.

“I’m back out here fighting the good fight,” Asciutto said.

“I fought in the 1960s,” Deborah McGinn-Tydler said. “I will fight for what is right. Being racist and hateful is not right. No one is above the law, including the president of the U.S.”

It’s very important to continue the Mueller investigation, Lyn Payne said. She carried a sign that read, “No one is above the law.”

The protest group was comprised of all women, and Michelle Backus’ sign read, “Women rise up! Resist Tyranny.”

According to’s website, “Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian efforts to interfere with U.S. elections has already led to several guilty pleas and nearly 20 indictments, while circling closer to Trump’s closest cronies.

“That’s why Trump is lashing out and could fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Mueller’s work,” states. “We’re fighting to defend the Mueller investigation — and with allies, we’re preparing a rapid-response network of more than 900 events and over 350,000 participants if Trump ends the investigation.

“Whether it’s supporting a candidate, fighting to pass legislation, or working to change our culture, MoveOn members are committed to an inclusive and progressive future,” states. “We envision a world marked by equality, sustainability, justice, and love. And we mobilize together to achieve it.”


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