In my life, I have seen lies, embezzlement, and even murder in political circles. I have seen good and bad politicians, but never have I seen such a bunch of corrupt, self-serving politicians as the Democrats who are now in our national congress.

Instead of doing their job, they spin lies and disinformation to cause Americans to vote against Trump and America. They have forgotten that they were elected to serve America; that they were elected to help keep America safe and prosperous; to serve American interests before their own. Just look at the bank accounts of these Democrats, before and after their election. One recent Democrat president started out with about $500,000 and ended up eight years later with $8 million. Where did he get all that money?

These people should not have better wages than us. They shouldn’t have better health insurance than us. They actually do not deserve anything better than what we have? So explain if you can, how they can vote for anything while ignoring the needs of the American people who put them in office.

What Trump has been able to accomplish in construction of the border wall, has been done in spite of Democrat opposition and without Democrat help. Because of that wall, there are less criminals on the street, less drugs on the street, less voter fraud in America, but still Democrats lie about and oppose fixing our border.

This crisis cannot just fix itself, but Democrats are too corrupt to care? When one considers that most of America’s drug problems are brought in through our southern border, why wouldn’t real Americans want to fix the problem? Could it be that Democrats are so self-centered and so much against our president that even our great nation must be replaced by their greed? Tell me if you can, why they oppose Trump’s tax cuts and favor raising our taxes?

All you ever heard from Democrats was that Trump was guilty of Russian collusion, but when it was discovered that it was Hillary and the Democrats who were guilty of Russian collusion, that was OK. If they were honest, they would admit that they were wrong, but instead, they just go somewhere else with their nonsense. They said that the Mueller report would destroy Trump, but it didn’t. It proved that they were liars and hypocrites because once again they just went elsewhere without at least an apology.

They’ve tried to impeach Trump from his first day as our president. They have defied the Constitution; broken our laws; belittled our policemen; corrupted the offices of the CIA, FBI, and their own offices; and spent millions of dollars of our money, and then they blame Trump for what they are doing.

And then there’s Biden. It’s on tape. There is actual evidence that he is as corrupt as they come. Any honest person would immediately, just on the basis of the proof that abounds, dismiss Biden as a candidate, but what do Democrats do? Nothing!

And there is Adam Schiff supposedly reading the transcript of the Ukraine meeting, but instead making up what it was he wanted to say in spite of what the report said.

Then there is this current “whistleblower complaint” where someone whose name is not revealed, complains about something that they did not hear, yet Democrats use them to slander Trump. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Where is transparency?

Until this bunch of anti-American idiots are gone, I will never again vote Democrat. I think that somewhere in that swamp called the U.S. Congress are a few decent Democrats, but where are they? Why do they always vote with their insane leadership? They should either change leadership or leave the Democrat party, because to stay with these anti-American fools is to be just like them. Why would anyone follow Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler or anyone that acts like these people?

And just a word to Republicans. You were elected to serve America, so do it. Quit serving yourselves and start serving America. I believe that the gang of Democrats who have done so much to harm our nation, want to see it destroyed, and your do-nothing attitude says you are just as bad as them. Mistakes I understand. Temporary lapses of judgment I understand. Laziness I understand. But why anyone would allow this insanity to go unchallenged, I do not know. Where are the Senate subpoenas for all of the illegal actions of Democrats? I do not hear of them. I do not see them. You might call yourself a Republican, but you are of no use to America, yourself or your party unless you get some backbone and begin to fight for America while there is still an America to fight for.

Real patriots always put America first. I am not sure what the Democrats are, but if this nation follows their lead, we will no longer have an “America the Beautiful.”

God Bless America.

Rev. Fredric E. Jeans is an Avon Park resident. He is a former pastor of 28 years, an Evangelist, a supervisor in a steel mill, teacher in a college and a public school, a chaplain in a nursing home, and an author of two books. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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