Job, a poetical or wisdom book of the Old Testament: The exact author is unknown; it could have been Job himself or as some people think, Moses. Job is thought to have lived east of Palestine, in the land of Uz. Job, was one of high character and maturity and blameless in God’s sight, but not sinless. He had great wealth and influence beyond most men of the Old Testament.

God asked Satan, what do you think of Job. Satan replied and challenged God’s sovereignty by saying, of course he acts the way he does, look at the monetary things you have blessed him with. God gave permission to Satan to do anything to Job, his family and possessions with limits.

One must understand here that Satan is sub servant to God and does nothing without God’s permission. The Father is aware of everything about us, down to the smallest detail.

Though Job could not begin to understand why all of these things were happening to him, he knew God was aware of it. He did not react, as Satan had predicted, by cursing God. Rather, Job told his wife, “Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” Job 2:10, KJV.

God allowed Satan to do all things except kill Job. God had established limits on what could happen to Job, as He does with us in our lives. Satan doesn’t do anything without God’s knowledge. God is involved in all testing.

Job was so certain of his innocence and of the injustice of his afflictions that for a long time he was unable to see beyond that. He tried to defend himself from the false conclusions of his friends and in so doing was unable to see areas of needed growth in his life. Job’s three friends thought that Job had some deep hidden sin to cause his chastisement and badgered him to confess. Job knew he had no sin to hide and was defensive in the face of his accusers. Job though, questioned Why? since, he always noticed wicked people living with no problems and even prosper before death, JOB 21: 7-13, KJV.

There are many whys that we will never know in this life but can be figured out. In deep frustration and despair, he made one of the most profound declarations of faith recorded in the Bible: “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” Job 13:15, KJV.

It is easy to trust God when things are going the way we like it but, what happens when our world is turned upside down. How strong is one’s faith in God, now.

One thing that Satan never understood was Job’s motive. He thought that Job did what he did, for advantages now, in this temporary world and was convinced that Job would curse God. Job loved God and served Him with pure devotion. Lesson: How many people today can say this?

Life can seem to be unfair, but God has reasons for every test. He knows exactly what Satan is doing. God punishes those he loves, Hebrews 12:6, KJV., so, the ones who were never punished, should worry. Entrance into the kingdom of God, everlasting life, is the ultimate blessing and when one sees a bad person get ahead in this life, don’t be fooled, God is just.

For Job, it was only when he began coming to grips with the lessons that God wanted Him to learn that he began emerging from his period of great trial. Job was soaked in his own self- righteousness and justified himself instead of God and was blinded who made him righteous.

God focuses on the bottom line. He wants us to become like Him. Ultimately, Job emerged with a far deeper understanding of the Almighty as well as a deeper understanding of himself and his own human nature.

“Therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes,” Job told God (Job 42:6, KJV). God answered Job’s “Why” by asking where was he when he laid the foundation of the Universe, Job 38, KJV. Who are we to question God?

Bruce Tooker is a Lake Placid resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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