Kourtney Reddick

Dr. Kourtney Reddick is seen here with a couple of her favorite pooches.

LAKE PLACID — Local veterinarian Dr. Kortney Reddick is the owner of Heartland Animal Hospital at 2203 U.S. 27, having taken over the practice from Dr. Elton Gissendanner in August 2014. She has been busy ever since as her staff says that she has tripled the size of the practice since then.

Reddick was practicing veterinary medicine in Polk County prior to buying Gissendanner’s practice. In Polk, Reddick took care of livestock and domestic animals. Her practice does not take care of large animals. If you see cows on her property, they are her personal animals.

Eventually, Reddick’s husband, Lee, and their three children, Lily, Gage and Emory, built a home in Lake Placid and settled into small town life. As of press time, Reddick was due with the couple’s fourth child.

By all accounts Reddick is well loved by both four-legged critters and bipeds as well. Her seven employees could not speak more highly of her and one, Debbie Filippelli, even teared up when she talked about her boss.

“Dr. Reddick is the most hard-working person I know,” Filippelli said. “I just love her. She works with me on my hours and is very flexible. She is dedicated to her clients and easy to get along with.”

The ladies of the office explained that Reddick performs every job including the front desk or working with the animals. She can do the accounting, in addition, she helps her husband run his business, Sandy Ridge Trucking while he also works part time.

“Dr. Reddick gives great care at a reasonable price,” Katy Bunton said. “She talks straight to the owners and goes over options with them before choosing the plan of care. She is like a mentor to me.”

Reddick’s employees feel they are treated as valuable members to a family rather than staff.

“Dr. Reddick is very good to us and we feel like we are all family,” Morgan Brantley said. “We are truly friends and we know how to support each other.”

Reddick has earned the respect of her staff and her clients because of her willingness to learn. Her staff said that if Reddick doesn’t have a ready answer, she will do research to find an answer. She keeps abreast of the trends and new approaches of treatment in her industry by taking continuing education classes.

Reddick has been known to take in animals from the Future Farmers of America that did not meet weigh-ins to help out the FFA students when they show animals at the annual fair. She has taken in hogs and cows from that source.

When Reddick gets a few hours of free time, she enjoys spending outdoors and with her family. She enjoys fishing, hiking and anything outdoors according to her staff. They also say she enjoys entertaining family.

Of course, as a veterinarian, Reddick has pets — a lot of them. Besides a herd of cattle, she has six animals and a fish at home. Soon, she will have another member of the Reddick family to enjoy and spoil.


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