Our president conflates social economics, socialism, with totalitarian government. He would deny the effective impact that social ideas have on capitalism. Apparently he does not see capitalism addressing the social needs of society. Let us not be led astray with the ideas of President Trump for they fail to understand the importance of responsible capitalism.

Look at the success of Social Security in reducing elderly poverty, the G.I. bill in educating generations of our citizens improving their life and building American leadership, the student loan program, farm subsidies, school lunch and SNAP programs, Medicare, Medicaid and "Obama care" in improving lives. Yes, these social programs within the context of capitalism have had dramatic impact on our society. They are wonderful examples of socialism.

We have long forgotten one of the most effective programs of socialism. The building of the Panama Canal stands as one of the most successful government social programs in our history. It provided free housing, food, transportation, healthcare and vacations. It contributed medical research that led to the successful treatment and control of malaria. The canal was built under budget and finished ahead of the scheduled time for completion. The Panama Canal was a socialist program which succeeded when capitalism failed.

Let not the voices of ignorance about socialism lead us astray. Perhaps these voices seek only to enrich those who are rich.

Alan J. Kromholz



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Trump and others see into it what they will. Social Security and Medicare are 'socialist' programs and you wouldn't dare mess with either. People hear a word and it sounds cool to them and they run with it, not understanding what it means.

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