Common sense is powerful tool most people have. Common sense acts as a rudder holding us to a true heading as we navigate the sea of life. Yes, we might stray from our true heading on occasion but with careful thought and evaluation the rudder of common sense will have us once again heading in the right direction.

It is clear that our president and many members of Congress have lost common sense. The result is pain for many. Without common sense the government fails to function and meet the needs of the nation.

Common sense calls for ending the shutdown. Common sense tells me that a president who shows none in the moment could get much or all of what he desires if he would engage in serious discussion about the effective ways to achieve security for the country. What is it that stands in the way of common sense for our president? Is it greed? Is it fear? Is it the desire to bully?

I trust our president will take a moment to step back and find the rudder of common sense.

Alan J. Kromholz



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