SEBRING — After reviewing the draft version of a mural for the Jack Stroup Civic Center, Sebring City Council members and residents have suggested changes.

The updated design for the “postcard mural” — one where visitors can stand to take “selfie” photos to post on social media — replaces the street map of the Circle with a depiction of the lamppost clock from the downtown Circle.

Other than that, those in the Sebring community apparently liked the other elements of the mural, which also depicts the Sebring International Raceway, the city pier on Lake Jackson and Highlands Hammock State Park.

Lake Placid, however, had quite a few changes for its design after many at the review meeting last week found it a bit “edgy.”

Rob Chatterton, a Mason with Placid Lodge 282 where the mural will go on the north wall, said the original rendering was not what he or other Masons expected.

The original design depicted silhouette figures painting in the words and other elements of the mural: Lake recreation — bass fishing and waterskiing — along with the town’s caladium industry and downtown farmer’s market.

“I thought it was too racy,” Chatterton said.

He and others hoped the second rendering, when complete, would represent the town of Lake Placid.

The new design does away with the silhouettes, puts the town’s name on one line instead of two, and incorporates images of paint and brushes to signify the murals, bass fishing and water skiing for the lakes, citrus groves, the Florida scrub jay, caladiums “in bloom” and cattle out to pasture.

The artist, Joseph Starkweather, did a second rendering, donating his time and talent since there was no money in the Tourist Development Council budget for a second rendering.

Friday was the deadline for feedback from the community, with a final version of each rendering due to the TDC by May 23 for a final vote.

Starkweather plans to start the first mural by May 28 and finish the last one by Aug. 8, approximately.

Highlands News-Sun staff writer Kim Leatherman contributed to this story.


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