Tanner Lee Edwards


SEBRING — A Sebring man reportedly began a verbal argument with a victim and then came back later with friends to begin a physical altercation.

The man allegedly struck her with a stick, and his companion hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Next, a female grabbed her by the hair and pulled her across the ground before someone intervened, the arrest report states.

Tanner Lee Edwards, 25, of Sebring, was arrested on Saturday by a deputy from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office for an incident that allegedly occurred on March 6. Edwards was charged with two counts of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon.

On March 6 a deputy from the HCSO responded to a disturbance. When he arrived, he talked with two people who had visible wounds on them. The female victim told the deputy that Edwards had visited her home, and her brother had told him to leave.

According to the female victim, Edwards’ roommate was suspected of stealing jewelry from the residence, so her brother told him that he was not welcome at the property.

The brother walked to a neighbor’s house, but then he heard a loud commotion, the report states. When he looked over at his sister’s house, he saw allegedly Edwards and an unidentified female and an unidentified male attacking his sister.

Edwards and some companions arrived at her residence in a black Chevrolet 1500, the report states. The female victim advised that Edwards pushed her and hit her with a stick in the neck and jaw line. A man then hit her so forcefully in the face that she was knocked to the ground, she said.

The unidentified female grabbed the victim’s hair and pulled her across the ground, the female victim said. After these attacks, the brother arrived on the scene.

Edwards and the unidentified man then proceeded to attack her brother. Edwards hit him with a stick while the other man struck him in the face repeatedly with his fist.

A neighbor drove by the scene and the attackers fled the scene in the vehicle.

The deputy noted that both subjects had visible injuries. Three days after the incident, a police officer from the Sebring Police Department found Edwards and he was arrested.

According to Edwards, one of the victims hit him with a metal pole and threatened him with a gun. However, there were no bruises or marks on Edwards.


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