SEBRING — The Sebring Police Department responded to a residential burglary in progress and found the home had multiple broken windows, and a white van parked outside also had broken windows.

Jesus Astorga Mendoza, 34, of Sebring, was arrested by Sebring PD on Sunday, Dec. 2. Mendoza was charged with criminal mischief involving property damage, which was more than $1,000.

Sebring PD responded to a residential burglary in progress complaint on Warfield Place around 2 p.m. Sunday. When two officers arrived on the scene, they reported finding the front door of the residence open and multiple windows broken in the front of the house. They also noted that a white GMC van, which was parked in the yard, had broken windows in the front and on the sides.

The officers did not find anyone inside the house. A witness had reported the incident to dispatch. The officers attempted to discuss the damages with the witness, but due to a language barrier, they were unable to do so.

As the officers exited the residence, they saw the homeowner. The homeowner pointed to a man on Seventh Street, and he told officers that this was the man who had damaged his home and van, the report states.

The officers went to the area and spoke with Mendoza, who was standing in a driveway on Seventh Street, with a metal baseball bat in his right hand, according to authorities.

Medoza reportedly screamed, “I want my money! You know how this is going to go down!”

Officers noted Mendoza was very agitated and took up a defensive stance. One of the officers drew his Glock model 22 and pointed it at Mendoza. The other officer drew her taser and aimed it at the suspect.

The suspect was ordered to drop the bat, and he did, the report states. While one officer pointed her taser at the suspect, the other officer handcuffed Mendoza.

The homeowner told officers that the witness had told him Mendoza was the one who damaged his home and van, authorities say.

Two witnesses positively identified Mendoza as the person who damaged the residence and van during a show up, the report states.

One of the witnesses told officers Mendoza showed up at the residence asking for the homeowner’s son. When he was told the son was not home, he reportedly broke the front windows of the house, walked around Gabe White Park and returned to break the rest of the windows on the house. He also broke the windows on the van, the witness stated.

The witness told officers Mendoza said the homeowner’s son had stolen his books and sold them, the report states.

The homeowner reported five of the windows on his house were broken and estimated the damage to be $3,500. The damage to the van was estimated at $1,500. The total damage was $5,000. The homeowner also told officers Mendoza was a friend of his son.


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