This is a preliminary draft for creating a "Gun Sanitary Location" designation.

The many and varied laws that abound take away the ability of upright citizens to defend themselves using their second amendment right. It is apparent from many recent crimes that gun free zones only make it easier for criminals to commit crimes against honest law-abiding citizens. The recent California fiasco illustrates this. Gun free zones guarantee only criminals will have weapons in such places. I don’t like the idea that I must not carry my gun in a gun free zone, but there is no prevention for stopping the criminal from being armed.

I propose the Legislature enact a law creating “Gun Sanitary Location,” which includes the ideas proposed herein.

Any and all locations and places can only be designated gun free if they are designated “Gun Sanitary Location.” Statutes will be revised to the extent weapons may be carried by persons with a valid carry concealed weapon permit anywhere except those with “Gun Sanitary Location” permitting. Those carrying a concealed weapon who do not possess a valid carry concealed permit will be arrested.

Such locations will be defined as:

Any location or place of any description, which has 100 percent positive control of who enters, and that no weapons of any kind can enter. Every entrance to such location will be controlled by an armed officer of the law, who has the necessary tools to make absolutely sure no weapon of any kind shall be admitted and to turn away those who try to do so. The location shall be such that no weapon can be passed or thrown into or onto the location by any means what so ever. This means walls, ceiling etc. shall be such that it is impossible to have a weapon get onto the property.

If any location has any failure in any of these requirements, and a CCW holder actually takes a gun into a “Gun Sanitary Location,” he will be relieved from these requirements, since by definition he was not prevented from entering with a gun.

Capt. Bill Sides

Lake Placid


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If this was supposed to be comical, then a career in comedy is not for you. Otherwise, I find it in bad taste to make light of the far too common shootings in the US. I support the 2A but as a realist, something needs to change with regard to our gun laws. The argument that the citizens need to protect themselves against a tyrannical government doesn't fly. Hopefully this problem doesn't land too close to those who think guns are more important than anything else.

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