Guns blazing from coast to coast and border to border with student shootings, disgruntled employees and mental cases and the astute NRA has the unmitigated gall to call Walmart shameful for deciding to stop gun sales in their over 4,000 stores.

The largest retailer in the country is trying to do something that not even the federal government can do, and that is to eliminate thousands of guns going out their doors in hopes of doing what they can do to minimize the ongoing slaughter in this country.

The NRA and their absolute dogma about the Second Amendment have called Walmart shameful for their actions. This defies all logic as to the problem of controlling more and more guns on the streets.

The NRA says Walmart is victimizing law-abiding Americans in denying their ability to protect themselves against the bad guys.

The dictionary defines the word shameful as follows: "Painful sense of guilt." Does Walmart feel guilty about selling guns? I doubt it, but they are trying to do something, anything, to be less responsible for the glut of guns available.

Now, you NRA members may not care for this letter and I am not knocking the Second Amendment, but you must admit the problem of gun control is a major concern to the American people and knocking Walmart's efforts to do something is better than sitting on your hands.

Shameful is definitely the wrong word.

Hal Graves



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