This journey my husband Ken and I have found ourselves on since he had his heart attack in September 2018 has been a maze of learning, growing and, at times, hopeful leaps of faith.

I like the commercial where a woman on a huge tractor is about to demolish a maze of confusion over Medicare choices for a couple on the tractor with her. With one push through the maze, things become much less ominous and simple solutions are found.

Ken adjusted to months of healing administrations from a Life Vest worn for a time, to periods of rest throughout the day, to not driving for several weeks. He had to adjust to medications and we (especially me) learned even healthier ways of preparing food. We had had a healthy lifestyle before, but we stepped it up.

Waiting was probably the most difficult as he couldn’t do any exercise other than walking a level path when weather permitted. Isaiah 40:31 reminded us that God would renew Ken’s strength when he waited on him.

One medication triggered his asthma. So, we asked for him to get off it. But it was essential to his recovery after this particular heart’s event. Controlling the asthma and debilitating cough became our quest.

Times like these cause us to throw our hands in the air. We’re frustrated and exhausted. It seemed he had to choose between breathing and a healthy heart.

We stopped and fervently prayed that God would give us a natural solution to this problem. We weren’t in some quiet place of solitude when we prayed.

Instead, as we roamed the pharmacy, spoke with the pharmacist and listened for that inner voice of peace and direction, God came through as he always does.

Psalm 6: 8, NKJV says, “For the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping. The Lord has heard my supplication; The Lord will receive my prayer.”

Suddenly, our eyes fell upon several natural remedies from cough syrup to cough drops and then to an essential oil blend designed for the lungs and sinuses.

Thanking God for his provision from the bounty of the earth and armed with these new products, we resolved to apply what we’d learned. Since these were new to us, it took a leap of faith to trust these remedies would turn the corner for Ken. Two days later, the difference was remarkable.

Never doubt that our Creator God who spoke everything into being is interested in our needs and specific requests.

Thankfully, God’s ways are often profoundly simple. Selah


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