The Golf Hammock Ladies League gathered on Jan. 2 and played Low Gross and Low Net formats.

Low Gross … Flight 1 — 1) Lorraine Friend, 2) Helene Tremblay, 3) Sue Pratt. Low Gross … Flight 2 — 1) Barbara Walczak, 2) Caroline Duncan, 3) Tami Snyder. Low Gross … Flight 3 — 1) Roxie McMIllon, 2) Carol Troup, 3) Jean Haig.

Low Net … Flight 1 — 1) Monica Shores, 2) Liliane Fargey, 3) Laura Imboden. Low Net … Flight 2 — 1) Theresa Hahn, 2) Shelba Fortier, 3) Carolyn Riffle. Low Net … Flight 3 — 1) Lee Jagodzinski, 2) Susan Accorsi, 3) Cindy Dall.

Most Fairways Hit: Monica Shores. Closest to Pin: Carol Troup.

Lake June West

Lake June West golfers were in action on Dec. 31 with the Women’s League: 1st Place Team, 38, Lynn Husen, Sandy Page, Vickie Mechling; 2nd Place, 39, JoAnn McGill, Margaret Schultz, Elaine Orr; 3rd Place, 42, Barb Stdenstricker, Panda Burton, Joyce Swartz.

Closest to Pin on hole No. 2 was Kay Kalusiak, 15-feet, 2 inches and on No. 8 it was Elaine Orr, 9-feet, 8 inches.

In the Jan. 2 Men’s League: 1st Place Team, 37, Mike Rogers, Tim Caskanette, Jack Lorenz, Jack Clegg; 2nd Place, 39, Tony Notaro, Sonny Shelton, John Sonafrank, Harold Johansson; 3rd Place, 44, Jeff Worthen,Pete Otway, Denny Mathew, Tom Molloy; 4th Place, 44, Claude Cash, Norm Grubbs, Hank Hussen.

Closest to Pin on hole No. 2 was Tony Notaro at 5-feet, 1 inch and on hole No. 8 it was John Sonafrank at 9-feet, 4 inches.

In the Jan. 3 Mixed Scramble: 1st Place Team, 53, Larry Heath, Barb Sydenstricker, Helene Mellom, Lynn Husen, Doyan Eades; 2nd Place, 55, Tony Notato, JoAnn McGill, Sandy Page, Betty Bevard; 3rd Place, 57, Mike Rogers, Mary McNamee, Richard Hickock, Lynn Mahute, Margaret Schuktz; 4th Place, 59, Bob & Verna Knishka, Bob & Elaine Orr.

Closest to Pin on No. 2 was Tony Notaro at 14-feet, 9 inches and on No. 8 it was JoAnn McGill at 15-feet, 10 inches.


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