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Natalie Matute has been chosen by her cheerleading coach Nicole Hansen as the recipient of the Spirit Award for Lake Placid High School.

LAKE PLACID — Green Dragon senior cheerleader Natalie Matute is outgoing and hardworking.

“Natalie is very outgoing and goes with the flow,” said Lake Placid cheerleading coach Nicole Hansen. “She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t argue and her attitude is amazing. She adapts very well to new situations.”

For her leadership and passion, Matute was selected by Hansen as the recipient of the Spirit Award for her school.

“I am honored and proud to be selected for the Spirit Award,” said Matute. “I am so excited because all the hard work I have put in from doing Edge, to varsity cheer and I even cheered in Miami at one time, has really payed off.”

Matute enjoyed cheering on the Green Dragons at Friday night football games.

“My experience has been great cheering for Lake Placid,” Matute said. “Meeting new girls, going out into the community and being a part of the school has been awesome. It shows you how you can inspire other people.

“I am honored to be part of the Lake Placid team,” she said. “I think we have the most spirit and we have a party. I wouldn’t want to cheer for any other team.

“Coach Hansen is amazing. She has made cheering fun and in a good environment,” Matute said. “She has taught me not to always see the bad in things but to see the good in everything.”

Matute plans to attend Florida International University.

“I will be studying criminal law and criminal justice while I cheer for FIU,” she said. “When I was six months old my mom had me doing splits and cartwheels. Once I was old enough she put me into cheer and I love the sport.

“I started cheering when I was four and I will continue to do it as long as I can,” she said. “I look forward to cheering for FIU.”

Matute was always willing to go the extra mile to help better her team.

“Being a senior, Natalie was very outgoing and was able to help the underclassmen pick up things,” said Hansen. “She was more than willing to take a cheerleader aside and help them learn things. She was very motivated to help the younger girls.

“Her smile makes her special. She can make anyone laugh and she has a brightness about her.”


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