The ladies of the Spring Lake United Methodist Church were in a baking frenzy for days getting ready for their much anticipated annual Craft Bazaar and Cookie Walk.

While there were some pretty unique and useful craft items, it was all about the cookies. There were three rooms full of holiday items that would make some great gifts.

“We made over 50 varieties of cookies and breads,” said Carolyn Van Diessche. “People were lined up when we opened this morning at 8am. This happens every year and it’s so exciting to see.”

Cookies such as caramel almond, peanut butter kisses, lemon cracker, Italian ricotta almond, and dishpan with butterscotch, lined the tables. Many people were filling their boxes with cookies. For just $8, you could fill a box and let someone else do your holiday baking.

“We’re taking our box of cookies home to Charlotte, North Carolina for the family to enjoy. We’re heading there right now,” said Linda and Charlie Exley.

This annual event is a big fundraiser and helps pay for their mission giving. Some of their charities include the United Methodist District, UMCOR, Presbyterian Food Pantry and Change of Pace Adult Care.

“This is a big event for us,” explained Linda Spear, event coordinator. “People come in for the cookies. We have the best cookies in town! One lady comes all the way from Lake Okeechobee. This year we have added homemade candies, fudge and caramel.”

Robin Barnes and Janet Dean were browsing the crafts, looking for some holiday gifts. “But we came for the cookies!”

Breakfast and lunch was also available with plenty of space to eat-in. Breakfast casserole or pancakes and sausage were offered for breakfast. Lunch choices were hot dogs or sloppy joes.

Debbie Lewis’ table was filled with pet goodies from her ‘Woof and Friends’ business. Accessories, toys and treats for dogs and cats were on display.

“I have treats for dogs, cats, donkey’s horses and goats as well as paw balm for their sore paws. I only use locally sourced ingredients with no preservatives. I can make treats for pets with special needs,” said Lewis. She can be contacted at 419-618-3509.

Spring Lake United Methodist Church is located at 8170 Cozumel Lane.


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