We hear a lot about free. Free medical care. Free college. Free income. And, now free lunch at grade school.

I learned before I was 20 that there was no such thing as a free lunch. But today everyone is teaching our precious children about free this and free that. So let's just open up Amazon, Walmart, Beall's, Belk, Home Depot, Lowe's, First State Bank, government treasury, Alan Jay, Publix and get everything free. This is what we are teaching.

Even learned officials blare free lunch. What have we become? A huge bunch of compounded idiots? Excuse me, not compounded, but composited.

Or from the federal, state and Highlands County, a lunch will be provided for every student without student costs. This is a nutritious value program. Ban the word Free.

There are only five things in this world that are free for everyone. Under the heading of Life, which is number one in everyone's book. Life is free, breathing is free and necessary for life continuance. Thinking is free for organizing life. Learning is free for securing life. And weather is free. All the rest comes under the heading of Work.

Folks that win the lottery, receive money, property as inheritances, etc., usually squander their fortune for they did not earn it. Earned money is watched with careful expenditures.

Ralph Z. Bell

Lake Placid


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