The story in the June 25, 2019 Highlands News-Sun regarding the voting registration deadline for ex-felons was interesting. The news about the new law was necessary to keep the public informed.

The interesting part was the comment by a James Upchurch. He referred to the paying of restitution to crime victims by these felons as "an attack on democracy." He should know that the fines and restitution are part of the court-ordered sentence for these affected felons.

I am not sure why he feels that criminals paying restitution to the victims they harmed is an "attack on democracy."

Perhaps James should talk to the victims or families of victims of these crimes. People who have had their lives ruined by these felons he so ardently supports. He may gain some empathy for the plight of the victims of crimes rather than the perpetrators.

Having felons complete their court-ordered sentences before voting is exactly what was passed in the recent election. Restitution to crime victims and fines so taxpayers can recoup some of the costs of the crimes committed by these felons is part of that.

How about we have some concern and empathy for crime victims and taxpayers instead of some crass political calculation taking precedent? Some imagine an attack on democracy while crime victims just want to be made whole with restitution they are owed.

If it isn't obvious, my sympathy is with the victims.

I am not sure why anyone would feel otherwise.

Dana B. Orr

Avon Park


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