God can no longer be mentioned at school ceremonies and football coaches are forbidden from saying a small prayer with the team. However, there are many schools where Islam is being taught. Students are even dressing in Islamic attire on some occasions, like World Hijab Day.

This activity (World Hijab Day) began in 2013 and received very little attention. It has now infiltrated the school system at an alarming rate because it is being pushed by the Muslim Student Association and the U.S. Department of Education. The education department even recommends a film called, “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab.” Students cannot walk a mile with Jesus.

Students in some areas are being advised that they will have Islamic attire to wear. This is an effort to indoctrinate our children about the Muslim god, “Allah.” Perhaps this is part of Common Core that was influenced by the great disciple of Islam, Hussein Obama, and his Islamic followers in this country. This Islamic program has children not only learning how to pray as a Muslim, but teaches them the five Pillars of Faith and has them learning Islamic scripture.

This activity is unconstitutional in our schools and must stop. Be aware of what is going on.

Charles Miller

Avon Park

Editor's note: Participation in World Hijab Day is strictly voluntary. It is acknowledged, but not endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education.


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