A recent guest column by Tom Purcell causes me to write this letter to the editor. When I was teaching students of psychology in Ohio, a very important concept was identified with the phrase “correlation doesn’t equal causation.” Mr. Purcell’s column indicates that technology causes people to be rude. I disagree.

Each person has a variety of possible responses to any event in their life. Rudeness is not normal!

Rudeness in word or deed is wrong and leads to more rudeness, which is also wrong.

It isn’t amusing, in my opinion, to have anyone say that a person has only rudeness or violence as an option for behavior.

Perhaps Mr. Purcell’s friend, Griffy, has a right to decide when and/or how he will respond to his phone ringing as to Mr. Purcell’s parents.

Just because two things happen doesn’t mean that the first “caused” the second. New technology doesn’t cause people to be rude. The rude person chooses to be rude.

Georgia Lee Eshelman, Ph.D.



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