The past month has been a very busy one. The week following the 12 Hours of Sebring, we packed up our temporary office on the highway and moved back downtown.

Our new office is nice. In fact, it’s very nice.

We are now in a large, open room environment. One would think that an open room with 12-15 people working in it at any given time would be rather noisy. Not so. Everyone is quiet and getting their work done. Conversations are mostly of the helpful kind until deadlines have been met and then they become a little more relaxed.

I think the same can be said for the other side of the building where the advertising team is housed.

We had an issue one weekend with a puzzle page being left out of The News Wire section and a page of comics being duplicated. Although that was a situation that we have no control over, it did cause a lot of phone calls coming into the office. From an email that I received this past weekend, we still have an issue with some of the puzzles. We’re working on a solution to that problem, but I’ll save that for another column once we have it all figured out.

One of the biggest issues we are still dealing with is our phone system. Outgoing calls show up on caller ID as coming from Lakeland so many people are not answering our calls until they hear voicemails that we leave.

The other problem is with incoming calls. It’s a phone system that is different than the one we had before so some of the technical issues we are dealing with have not been easily resolved. Customers calling in have an option for “all other calls” that they didn’t have before and those calls are going to varied extensions, most often to someone in a department that they don’t want. We’re getting close to having this issue resolved, but please continue to be patient. I can assure you, your voicemail messages are being heard and they are being addressed.

We are working on those few problems we still need to resolve while also working on some projects that we will be able to discuss further at a future time.

I would like to extend a thank you to the hundreds of people who took the time to fill out the Editor’s survey. The results will help us as we begin to finalize some of those plans. Those who took a few extra minutes to write notes to include with the surveys deserve extra kudos. I always enjoy hearing from the readers.

The actual move was easy. The boxes are all unpacked and we’re not moving again any time soon. This building we have bought so we’re there. Where is there? We’re at 321 N. Ridgewood Drive, right next door to the Sebring Police Department.

Soon we’ll have an open house so you can stop by and say hello. We’d love to show you our new work home.

Romona Washington is executive editor of the Highlands News-Sun. Contact her by email at


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