In our small community, there is a problem that continues to impact my generation. Our younger generations are often neglected the opportunity to get involved in public affairs and are left out of the discussion that has direct consequences on them. We are turned down and told that we are too young to understand the problems our nation faces. The most common reason we are brushed aside is because we are “inexperienced.”

However, the people that hold this opinion fail to see the information they are withholding from the youth that want to get involved. The future voters are not shown the issues that affect our communities and are not able to make informed decisions when they will go to the ballot boxes.

So if someone is too inexperienced to be given the right to have their say in a decision, when will they ever gain the experience to do so?

When our younger generation is given the opportunity to voice their opinion over an issue that affects them, we are gaining experience over how to make informed decisions. Even if the evidence contradicts the opinion we had, we are given accurate information to form our opinion off of. Any lucrative idea that a younger citizen may have can quickly be shown as to why the idea is not realistic. The young citizen is able to take this experience as background information on a topic.

While we continue to neglect the younger generations of the opportunity to add their input to the discussion, we are withholding valuable experience that my generation needs to make informed decisions that will one day run the nation.

In the modern society, how do we know that the same people we turn away are not the people that can bring unprecedented change to our country? With the experience earned while voicing their opinion, a person could use it to become the next great leader of this nation. They could bring an era of prosperity and growth that this nation has not seen in years. Sadly, we as a community do not ask this question when making decisions. The majority of the community chooses to see a young person as too young, inexperienced, and simply clueless.

Some of the people that oppose my argument will support having the same people constantly give their input because they feel that they make the best decisions. This is fine, everyone is entitled to hold their own opinion. However, what experience will my generation lead with when the current leaders are unable to fulfill their roles? Younger people must be given an opportunity to join the conversation and learn which decisions are best for our communities. With these experiences, the future of our county can be secured with well-informed people at the reins who know exactly what they are doing.

Do not take today’s column as me telling readers to stick an oblivious 17-year-old on the Sebring City Council. That would simply be reckless. The point of my writing in today’s column is to simply ask the reader to give my generation a chance to express their views. Ultimately, we are the future of this nation and we will one day be in charge of this great nation.

Miguel Arceo is a student athlete at Sebring High School.


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