During the 2018 midterm election, we saw the Democratic Party win back the majority in the House of Representatives. This was a victory for the party leadership and the so-called “Blue Wave” they had been waiting for. However, they ultimately lost two seats in the Senate.

The “Blue Wave” did not present itself in the Senate or even in the 2016 presidential elections. In my books, that is hardly a victory for the party that claims it is the best one. So why is this? The answer to this is found in the platform that the Democratic Party runs on and the way they try to win public office.

As someone whose ideology tends to lean slightly to the left on the left-right scale, I am dumbfounded at how clueless certain members of the Democratic Party are about their platform. What used to be a platform based on facts and solutions is now based on belittling the other side of the aisle. Candidates are rallying on defeating President Trump instead of presenting the methods they created to solve our nation’s problems.

This is completely counterproductive to getting supporters. People ultimately want an answer to the issues that concern them, not reasons our president is unfit for office. It is simple political science that the Democrats cannot seem to comprehend. If the Democratic Party ever wants to succeed again, they need to completely reform the way they reach out to the voters of the United States.

Along with a faulty platform comes a bad selection of candidates. It was common knowledge that in 2016, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hated by 50% of this nation. She was a career politician who seemed to only want power and did not have a clue of the discontent the American people felt about their government. Because of this, she would lose the election to Donald Trump.

Sure, she had much more experience than President Trump but she could not connect to the people of the United States. I am not exactly a supporter of our president but he ran on a better message than Hillary Clinton did. He tapped into the people’s discontent and offered a solution.

Hillary Clinton was not the last time the Democratic Party selected a bad candidate because we are starting to see the candidates for the next election. People do not like Elizabeth Warren because they see the same thing in her as they saw in Hillary Clinton. Even then, Warren is a frontrunner for the nomination in the 2020 election.

So, how can the Democratic Party fix this? First step is finding what negatively affects the people and how to fix them. A farmer in our small town will only vote for someone if they feel their industry is being well-represented in Washington. This feeling of security is not possible if someone’s constituents feel that the official is relying on persecuting the other side of the discussion.

The second step is refreshing the faces of the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton and people like her are out of time. They are simply not the people that the country wants in charge. It is time we replace them with fresh new faces that want to lead this country into a new era of prosperity and bipartisan progress.

Miguel Arceo is a student-athlete at Sebring High School.


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