So much has been written about the long time problem of U.S. 27. This highway has been notorious for many years in a number of accidents and seems to be the breeding ground for bad driving.

The problem that I see in Sebring is that there are long stretches of open road where it is tempting to fly with the wind. Neighboring cities Avon Park and Lake Placid keep speeding more under control by utilizing more traffic signals. It’s difficult to speed in either of these towns. Sebring differs in this respect with more open road.

The police cars on the side of the highway containing dummies isn’t working. There is a noticeable lack of Florida Highway Patrol presence, which is puzzling considering U.S. 27 is a state highway.

I think a good start to bridling the speeding problem is the addition of more traffic signals spaced closer together. These are expensive, but so are accidents that plague this road.

I don’t have an all around answer to the U.S. 27 dilemma but I do believe additional traffic lights is an idea worth exploring. The only other alternative is turning U.S. 27 in Sebring into a speed trap and I oppose that idea as it leads to other problems. Travelers can help with responsible, attentive driving, which may only be found in a perfect world.

Warren Pender



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