Yet another loaded gun makes its way into our schools. Are these guns coming from the student's home, or how are they being procured? Of course I am thankful the school resource officer confiscated the gun — that someone reported it, but what happens when it is not brought to their attention?

There needs to be so much more done to guarantee safety to our students, and all residents of our community. We've seen what can happen first hand.

A writer to the paper asked if we should now outlaw cars because people could be killed in a vehicular accident. I am a licensed driver who must carry lines of insurance in the event I cause, or am involved in an accident. My license can be taken away for driving infractions. These are common sense rules of the road.

I would not drive a Maserati down U.S. 27 at 100 miles an hour without being pulled over, yet we allow easily accessible high powered assault rifles with unlimited ammunition in our community. Reasonable gun laws are not an infringement on anyone's rights — they are necessary to create a safe community for all to live in.

We live in a climate of hate, and white supremacists are targeting large groups of people. Young men with firepower broadcast hate and their intentions to kill. They have access to assault rifles, and plenty of ammunition. When you vilify groups — immigrants and Jews — blame and target them — you are not an American anymore. This has no place in our nation, and is not what we stand for. This is not what my father and others fought for in World War II. The rise of white nationalists claim they want a "white america" because they were here first. Native Americans would beg to differ with you.

Religious and community leaders should be calling this what it is — pure hate — and act to change the tenor of our community and world.

Finally, someone asks why we should not have a gun show across from the high school when it is a weekend. Does no one remember the students who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas? What optics does this send — if nothing else. Do you want Sebring to be known as a callus and heartless community who does not think about anything on a larger level.

How many more must die?

Patricia Myers



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