Crystal Gail Anderson worked in realty offices and as an executive manager for a medical equipment company. Life chugged along. Then Anderson’s mother passed and the business she worked for closed.

Needing a breather to get her bearings, she prayerfully considered her future direction. She felt led to pursue real estate school, but wasn’t able to get in on short notice. Undeterred, she phoned our local board of realtors. Directed to a local contact, she joined a class that had just begun. Passing her exam on the first try, she called broker Ronnie Carter from her car to advise him she was on her way into the office.

“That was May 3, two years ago,” recalled Anderson. Her sense of urgency continued with the closing of 17 deals in her first eight months and a nomination for the annual Board of Realtors’ Rookie of the Year award. “While I didn’t win in 2017, I received the Century 21 Advanced Quality Service and Top Listing Rookie awards.”

Her second year she closed 43 deals and ended 2018 with a total sales volume over 5 million. She earned the Century 21 Advanced Top Sales Agent for Units Sold, the Master’s Ruby Award and the Quality Service Pinnacle awards. As the year came to a close, the coveted Highlands County Rookie of The Year was also hers.

Thriving on challenges, she revels in the flexibility and freedom as she brings a heart of service to home sellers and buyers. “It took a while to find my niche,” she admitted, but Anderson knows a bit about the value of timing.

It was late September 2018 when she awoke not feeling well. Unable to put a finger on it, she downed some antacids and got on with her day. She recalled walking into her kitchen and awakening on the floor with her dog trying to rouse her.

“I had injured myself when I fell, but didn’t even remember passing out.” Her daughter called 911, but when they arrived Anderson almost declined to be transported.

“I’m so stubborn,” she mused. At the hospital, when told she was having a massive heart attack, she didn’t believe it. She asked the doctor if he was sure. She said he told her it was happening at that very moment. Surprised, she replied she felt good, so good that she had no idea. “If he hadn’t told me, I would have never known.”

She cautions others-especially women-that heart disease doesn’t discriminate. Just 39-years-young, her “widow-maker” artery was nearly completely blocked. Five stents later, both sides of her heart had been altered. At one point the surgeon updated her family he had done all he could and the rest was between her and God. With her son and spouse out of state, friends and family stepped in. Hospital staff asked her later if she were famous and shared how her visitors had the waiting room overflowing.

“I told them my name is Crystal Gail,” she laughed. Born and raised locally, she joked how nearly half the community is related to her in some way. Intriguingly, despite the competitive nature of her chosen profession she makes friends of all. Husband Luke spoke of her strength.

“She’s just a very strong woman with a caring heart for her family and friends. She’s a survivor.”

Despite Anderson’s surgeon informing her she had the worst case he had ever seen, she was undeterred. She assured him God would not take her when she just now began living her dream.

She quit smoking-a vice she admittedly enjoyed-in the hopes of never putting her family through something like this again. She eats better and walks often. Her family tries to slow her slow down, but she’s driven by her passion for the business.

When asked about goals, she laughs about being the next real estate tycoon. More seriously, she wants to honor God’s purpose for her life and serve others. Ever thankful for the outpouring of support from her real estate family and greater community, she is happy to help anyone.

“Whether it is a thousand dollar trailer you buy with a credit card or a million dollar home, I want to be your realtor. My purpose is to sell more real estate before I leave this earth,” she winked. “I answer my phone 24/7 and give it my everything because I want to help people find a place to call home.”

Crystal Gail Anderson can be found at Century 21 Advanced All Service Realty, 863-214-9088 or


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