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LAKE PLACID — Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed your clothes are a little tight? Or, has you doctor suggested you lose some weight to be healthier? Or, have you reminisced over your wedding photos from 30 years ago and realized that you’ve gained a pound or two for each one of those years? Here’s scary thought....did you have trouble at Christmas lifting that 20-pound turkey you made for dinner. You just might be carrying a ‘turkey’ around every day.

Well, don’t despair — you’re not alone! You can get back on track by joining up with other friends who are in the same situation. And, with their help and support, and a little self-control, you might just find yourself on one of those ‘before and after’ advertisements.

Kidding aside, it’s not fun or healthy to be overweight. There’s an organization right in Lake Placid that will welcome you to a weekly program that helps you manage your weight loss. It’s called TOPS, a non-profit, non-commercial group that has over 120,000 members in the US and Canada alone. TOPS stands for “Taking off Pounds Sensibly.”

Every Monday afternoon, members weigh-in at 3:45 p.m. to see if they’ve met their goal for the week. The scale doesn’t lie! Afterwards, there’s a meeting, which includes a positive speaker and encouragement. Many members have reached their target weight, but still come to the meetings for the camaraderie. They graduate to the group called KOPS, ‘Keeping off Pounds Sensibly.’

If you are serious about losing weight, you are invited to the Lake Placid TOPS open house on Jan. 21. There’s no charge to check it out. The meetings are held at the Lake Placid Woman’s Club, 10 Main Street, in downtown Lake Placid. New members will learn all about how it works. Healthy refreshments will be served. Men are welcome to join too.

Please call ahead to Vera Olds, 336-671-9899 or Marty Hanna, 863-531-0128.


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