Facts to ponder: A wall 30 feet high is very hard to climb when designed that way. Also consider you will not find people carrying two 55-pound, 30-foot ladders across the desert to climb it.

Technology is great at alerting Border Patrol. Problem is, what good is it if they’re 10-15 miles away or tied up in a situation already? The wall is a barrier they must get over and not easy at 30 feet.

Does America want the wall? Results from the latest Harvard/Harris survey:

Total percentage shown is average combination of Republican, Independent, Democrats polled.

79 percent overall say U.S needs secure borders, including 68 percent of Democrats.

68 percent overall oppose the lottery immigration system, including 62 percent of Democrats

54 percent overall support building combination Physical & Technology:

Polls show 65 percent of Americans support a DACA deal that abolishes chain migration, the random visa lottery, and secures the border with a wall; 80 percent say immigration should be based on merit/skills, not family ties (Chain Migration). Polls shows 60 percent of Americans believe if dreamers are allowed to stay, they should not be allowed to bring relatives to the United States (Chain Migration). This would mean 1.8 million could turn into 7.2 to 10.8 million more people based on families of four or six, respectively.

Why are Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer so vehemently against the wall when the people are overwhelming for it? Because they are consumed with hatred for this president. No concern for America.

John Nelson


Editor's note: This letter originally appeared Jan. 9, but was combined with another letter. This is the letter submitted by John Nelson.


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