Those of you that watched the State of the Union last week saw a vintage Trump with his generalities hoping for applause and praise, which he apparently lives on. You also saw a visual sarcastic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi showing her obvious disdain for the president. You also saw the apparent disgust and lack of respect by the white-clad new left wing Congresswomen of the Democratic party who refused to stand or acknowledge anything that Trump had to say.

Who among us knew that the president needs written permission from the House Speaker to enter the chamber, a requirement Pelosi stuck in the president’s face. She was telling him who really runs the country in so many words.

It has been traditional for all members to rise when the president enters the chamber as a matter of respect for the position. You don’t have to like the man or his policies, but you show the country and the world that you respect the office of the president.

The ultimate insult shown Trump was the now famous “clap back” by Pelosi. The Democrats lost an election and have still not accepted it. In short, the Washington swamp continues.

Hal Graves



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The House Speaker runs the House chamber and must grant permission to ANYONE to speak there. This is nothing new and I'm sorry if Mr. Trump is put out. He creates his own brand of turmoil. Respect has to be earned. When he shows it, he may receive it.

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