Increase storage capacity


Utilizing vertical areas in a home is a great way to increase storage capacity and keep rooms more organized.

Who hasn’t, at one point in their lives, lamented a lack of space and organization at home? A lifetime’s worth of items have to be kept somewhere, and without the right organizational strategy, clutter can quickly take over.

The home improvement site Home Therapy says that, when square footage is limited, tapping vertical walls is the fastest way to maximize and multiply the space available. Hooks, rods, shelving, built-ins — the sky is the limit when it comes to finding additional storage and adding a bit of personality to tight quarters. Even homes that may have adequate space can benefit from vertical solutions.

Here are some ideas to put vertical and other less-utilized areas to work for you.

1. Hang wire or plastic file organizers on the inside of kitchen cabinets to easily store cookie sheets, trays and cutting boards.

2. Save on counter or cabinet space with hanging spice racks. These can be hung directly on walls or on the inside of cabinet doors.

3. Stack all the stuff you can, including washers and dryers, beds (with storage drawers underneath) and even stacking nesting tables.

4. Choose furniture that is tall rather than wide. This can mean swapping out a dresser in a bedroom for an armoire or vertical chest of drawers.

5. Canvas bags hung on a towel bar on a wall can keep dirty clothes wrangled until it-s time to wash them. This also eliminates clothes hampers on the floor.

6. Add a second rod or shelving to the inside of closets to create more space for clothing and other items.

7. Take kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Store lesser used items on the uppermost shelves and the items you use each on the most accessible shelves.

8. Install a shelf over the entryway to a room to utilize this seldom-used space. Shelves also can be custom cut and placed in oddly shaped areas, such as in attic rooms under the eaves or on slanted walls.

9. Dowels or curtain rods and some fabric can be used to fabricate slings to hold books or magazines.

10. Invest in some magnetic boards that can hold keys or notes by the front door or store knives on a kitchen wall.

11. Install two towel bars parallel to one another on the wall of a bathroom. These can hold extra toilet tissue or rolled hand towels.

12. Use rope plant hangers to store potatoes or onions near prep areas. The same plant hangers can wrangle stuffed animals and small toys in kids’ rooms.

Utilizing vertical areas in a home is a great way to increase storage capacity and keep rooms more organized.


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