Past Senator Denise Grimsley (FL) and Governor [Matt] Bevin of Kentucky were on the right message: let’s get over the hysteria of guns, look at the documented facts behind shooting; look at prescription drugs, video games inciting killing, discipline, morality, the role religion plays in our lives!

Governor Bevins said, “Solving the problem will not change because of a single law or rule; if you believe this is a gun problem, you are delusional.”

This is a “cultural” problem. We are kidding ourselves thinking new gun laws/rules are going to change anything. Let’s take a serious look at the last 50 years and what has changed in our society.

People today (Millennial generation) do not value life. Look at the video games they play, advertisements plastered all over television. Kill, kill, go back and if not dead, kill them and get extra points.

Look at what has happened to the morality of this country. Every TV show has some sexual connotations to it. Open sex or very suggestive scenes of such on TV, the internet. Children see it everywhere, texting sexual pictures to each other on cell phones, iPads. Where does it end? Where is the parental control?

The gun is just a tool. “Semiautomatic” rifles have been around for 127 years. The word assault describes an “action” not an item; per Webster’s Dictionary: “makes a physical attack on.” A gun can only kill when in the hands of a human.

It’s time people and politicians face up to the fact that we have mentally unstable people in this world. Let’s look at the real source of the problem, where did it start? What has it led to?

No one in their right mind condones killing innocent human beings. It’s a horrendous act carried out 99 percent of the time by documented mentally unstable individuals on prescription or illicit drugs, from broken homes.

The “solutions” legislators are promoting are political knee jerk reactions to a major issue to appease a minority; unfortunately, legislators are not looking at the real problem.

Fifty-seven school shootings in the period of 2000-2017 involved “handguns,” standard “long rifles” or “shotguns.” That includes the deadliest mass shooting at Virginia Tech of 32 people, where two pistols were used.

Of the 26 prominent school shootings, 75 percent of the shooters came from severely broken homes, absentee fathers, divorce, drugs, domestic violence, child abuse, criminal behavior, loss of parent or parents, according to psychologist Dr. Peter Langman, an expert on school shootings. Nicolas Cruz of the Parkland shooting was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, emotional behavior disorder, ADHD, autism, and depression; was on prescribed medication Clondine for ADHD, and Focalin, which changes the natural substance in the brain. Nicolas had lost both his parent.

Then we add in these video games where you get points for killing people and double points when you go back and finish off the ones who were wounded the first time. This is our kids’ entertainment!

FBI and leading criminologists define mass shooting as “A single attack in a public place in which four or more victims were killed, not including the gunman”. Out of 97 mass shootings in 35 years, 143 guns were used; more than three quarters, 49, were obtained legally, 12 illegally, balance unknown.

FBI statistics: Choice of weapons used, handguns 71, rifles 28, revolvers 23, shotguns 21, and in that mix, 15 involved AR 15 type rifles. The mentality of the left and the uninformed is to blame the AR 15 styled weapon when it was the least used of the 143 weapons. 2015 legislation that would have banned some semi-automatic guns did not classify the AR-15 as an assault weapon.

The bottom line is this, it does not matter the type of gun; it is not a gun issue. It is a mental, prescription drug, broken family, human issue. No gun can kill. It requires the human to pull the trigger.

Forget politics, forget guns, look at the facts. Look at prescription drugs. Let’s put our efforts in the right place.

John Nelson is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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