In a letter published Jan. 8, the writer indicates the citizens voted for a wall and questions why isn’t it built. Some of the citizens may have voted on such a premise but this writer should be asking the one who promised a wall and also promised that Mexico was going to pay for it.

For two years, one party had total control and yet not much was done in this regard. Now today, it’s a matter of great urgency and there is talk of a ‘national emergency’ in order to take money out of military spending to build this pet project.

The writer blames the Democratic Party for everything gone wrong in the nation. How so? They were in the minority for two years until last week.

They are accused of being communists and trashing the Constitution, allegedly based on the Bible. It certainly was not. Some of the Founding Fathers had little use for religion in government. Thomas Jefferson even had his own version of the Bible in which he edited out parts he did not agree with. More recently, Ronald Reagan decried the inclusion of religion in government. I’m not sure where the idea comes from that our founding documents are rooted in religion.

Throughout history, walls have been overrated. The Great Wall of China was marginally successful in the beginning, but against larger invading forces later, it failed. The Maginot Line and the Atlantic Line of WW2 both failed their creators. The wall of Jericho supposedly fell without being touched. The impregnable wall of Troy was breached using a wooden horse. The Berlin wall was more a failure than a success. Israel built a wall and yet the violence continues as it has for centuries.

The idea of using the U.S. military and its money to build a pipe dream is ill advised and dangerous. This would entail Martial Law, which has not been implemented since the Civil War. I call political theater where I see it. The fact is, most of the illegals in the U.S. didn’t come across the southern border, but rather they either flew in or sailed in and overstayed their visas. The country can be entered from all four sides so why this fixation on the southern border. There couldn’t possibly be racist undertones. The vast majority of violence in America originates right here at home. The numerous mass shootings have been at the hands of the homegrown. The danger in America comes more from within than without.

If blame is to be cast for what we’ve become, I say look to the voters as they sought something new and different. They got their wish. They wailed for a messiah, yet ended up with a false prophet. You get what you measure. Maybe frustration should be vented toward the proper source.

Warren Pender



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