Can 2019 be any different than the last two years concerning the attitude of the negative, hateful, so-called news anchors of the so-called mainstream media directed at President Trump? The odds of a change of heart for them is the same as a snowball’s chance in you know where. They are all in this “hate thing” way too deep to change now. We have all witnessed this totally unnecessary meltdown and it has sure gotten old as well as predictable.

Our Trump-hating cable channels will have their figure-heads continue spewing garbage as well as the parent companies of many news outlets continue the “Destroy Trump” narrative. The mainstream newspapers will continue to highlight negative news about President Trump or anyone associated with him and simply not print, or will bury, anything positive. Oh, and they will continue the derogatory, de-humanizing cartoons also. Can you imagine what would happen if they did that to Obama?

Don Lemon from CNN said a while back that “white men” were the biggest threat to this nation. We all know what would happen if he said that about “black men.”

Well, one thing is clear, we have all witnessed the ugliest, darkest, most disgusting human traits come out in these Trump-haters. Hate can literally turn into insanity over time for some. Just watch so-called “news anchors” on CNN and MSNBC. They are pathetic. The Democrats are not at all who they used to be. They have changed, if you haven’t noticed. In fact, the Republicans promote what the Democrats used to believe in. Prime example is “the wall.” Just a few years ago every Democrat from Chuck Schumer to Hillary and Obama were all for it. The Democrats serve no purpose other than “oppose and resist” anything concerning Trump’s agenda or for the benefit of our nation. They are incapable of common-sense governing. Literally blinded by hate.

Most Republicans, as well as President Trump, believe in common-sense governing, however, there are some Republicans that are spineless, do-nothing-for-America wimps. Oh, and they are “Never-Trumpers.” Why? Because like many of the Democrats, they’re “pay for play” game with wealthy corporations is being broken up. You know, they push bills through Congress to get approved that will benefit the interests of whatever business they are dealing with at the time and they get paid well for that. Look at Maxine Waters. She lives in a $6 million mansion.

On to another topic, I see the faces of a group of men and women in the news, way too many to list, that are smart and have plenty of common sense. A couple of them have what it takes to be president one day if they dare desire. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is one for sure and remember the name John James – very impressive. These people share two things in common: they support President Trump 100 percent and they are all people of color. Think about it. President Trump is not prejudice. Oh, they share a third thing in common also: Generally, you will only see them on Fox News as they do not fit the narrative of the other channels.

I could write on forever about this danger to our country, this ridiculous, unnecessary division, but why? Why listen to me? Listen to those who can explain and educate you on why our nation is in this huge unnecessary mess and who is and who is not adding fuel to it. If you want the straight-up truth, the good, bad and ugly on everyone, watch Fox News. While all the TV anchors differ personality-wise, they are very interesting in their own unique way. Sean Hannity supports President Trump all the way, but at the same time he has the ability to “call him out” if he really screws up. Some people say Sean Hannity is too much for them, too “hard core,” so watch the other anchors on Fox but then again there is Judge Jeanine Pirro. Have you ever heard one of her opening statements concerning a topic she is really passionate about? Wow! She will really get your attention. I guess she could be considered a little “hard core” by some just like Hannity.

Realize however, the only ones who find these two a little rough around the edges, gruff, hard core, or whatever you want to call it, are simply those who can’t handle the truth and are only fooling themselves. I predict by the end of this year, many who are registered Democrats will jump ship and change their party affiliation. Who in their right mind wants to be associated with what the Democrats have become? This really is a fight between “good and evil” and for the sake of this nation, I really hope you can tell the difference.

Robert Gilbert is a Sebring resident. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily that of the Highlands News-Sun.


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