Xclusive Detailing

Calvin Arjona, owner of Xclusive Detailing, works on a truck. He has expanded his auto detailing business to include pressure washing of structures and driveways.

SEBRING — Calvin Arjona has a daily mindset that keeps him motivated and humble in running Xclusive Detailing.

“I wake up every day like I could be fired every day,” Arjona said. “I look at everybody like they are my boss. Whatever you want done, I’m going to do it.”

He started the mobile detailing business in 2013. Its slogan is: “Bringing you that new car feeling to your office or home.”

Arjona began it by himself, handling the detailing, being a salesman and doing the paperwork. A person has to be “all in one,” he said, adding that it will probably require long hours.

Building trust and consistency are important in establishing relationships.

“A lot of people start, and they are not consistent,” he said. “They think they are going to just get in this business and make this amount of money ... They don’t realize you have to go through a lot to gain.”

There is a difference between a car washer and a detailer. As Arjona put it, “Anybody can go out there with a water hose and say, ‘Hey, I wash cars.’

“I’m an experienced detailer,” he said. “I can run a high-speed buffer. I have a shampooing machine. We do claybars. We do waxes.”

Arjona said if there is a problem with a job, he will respond quickly.

“I take call backs very seriously,” he said. “If somebody calls and says ‘I have a fingerprint on my windshield,’ I don’t care what I’m doing, we are going to get to you that day. We’re going to get that fingerprint off your window.”

Arjona said he worked at a car wash in Orlando for a couple of years, where he managed the detailing employees. He decided to return to Highlands County because he thought there was an opportunity to set up a mobile detailing business since there weren’t that many doing it.

Another reason he came back is that his family is here.

Arjona said his grandfather, Jack Terry, taught him things that have served him well, such as work ethic, integrity and being trustworthy.

He said a lot of his business comes from referrals, noting he has a number of clients including Insight Auctioneers, Highlands County Property Appraiser, King Equipment, and All About Lawns.

He will work on practically anything. Cars, SUVs, motor homes, boats, semi-trucks, trailers, pickups, motorcycles, tractors and even a crane truck have been detailed.

Arjona has expanded the business to include pressure washing of things such as homes and driveways.

He can be reached at 407-879-0360.


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