WaterLine Storm Warning Links

 Storm Warnings

All Storm Warnings For Florida - This will take you to the NOAA page that lists all storm warnings, regardless of whether they affect land or water.

Special Marine Warnings For Florida - This will take you to the NOAA page that lists storm warnings specifically for those storms that could affect boaters.

Hurricane Links

Visit our weather website to find detailed information on how to prepare for a hurricane.

Advisories & Animated Tracking Map -- Get latest official advisories, as well as a Java-run animated map that shows Georges' path from beginning to now. (Give it a minute or so to load.)

Colorado State University Atmosphere Research -- Come here for an awesome shot of the hurricane from space. (Right-click on the image with your mouse and choose "set as wallpaper" for very unique wallpaper on your computer.)

Doppler Radar

  • State Doppler Radar (takes a while to load)

    Federal Emergency Management Agency -- Detailed tracking map, including one of where the hurricane is expected to go, as well as details on how islands and cities have fared in the storm.

    Infrared Satellite Shots -- Taken by the University of Hawaii, these shots will show you the storms and hurricanes from above.

    National Hurricane Center -- This is an official site with lots of links, but it is very difficult to get into because it is receiving so many hits. You might want to try some of the other sites on this page first.

    National Weather Service -- The latest updates are posted directly from the National Weather Service (at the very bottom of the site), and further information about past and current hurricanes is just a click away on the left-hand side of the site. If you're looking for a nice satellite image, though, check out the following link:

    StormWatch -- Come here for a great overall site with links to various sites.