This week’s Next Caller column not surprisingly features a couple of emails about the Tampa Bay Rays and the Sun’s coverage of said team.


Yeah for our Rays! Thanks for your great coverage through the season. Will the Rays win the World Series?

Good job.

Barbara Flores

Thanks Barbara. My initial reaction to the Rays winning the wild card was that they’re a fun, young team, but it would be tough for them to weave their way through the American League playoff field with the powerhouse lineups of the Astros and Yankees. Houston, of course, also features one of the game’s best rotation and New York has an overpowering bullpen.

That said the men from Tampa Bay have played very well in the Division Series and seem to be a legit threat to move on to the ALCS. From there, who knows?

Now for a differing opinion.


I am disappointed by the limited and negative coverage of the Rays since the Sun has changed ownership.

I have been a avid Rays fan since moving here 17 years ago.

The headlines, if on the front of the sports page or not, are anything but positive even if it is deserved. For instance, the Rays beat the Red Sox 3 out of 4. What was the headline on the front top of Sports page...”Red Sox beat Rays 7-3”, really? They played two with the Yankees and in 2l innings the Yankees got one hit.....nothing!

These young players and coaches work their butts off and deserve better coverage in my opinion.

Judith Lisiecki

Judith, thank you for your note. It gives me the chance to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

Whether the people in the Sun sports department root for the Rays or not in their personal life is irrelevant. (Some do, some don’t).

Our job is to report on the games as they happen. It’s not is our job to promote any team or player, but to remain objective. Of course the headline was: “Red Sox Rays.” That’s what happened that day and as the Rays were fighting for a playoff spot, that daily outcome was of paramount importance.

The second point is that sometimes we have a feature story the day after a big game. That happens when the game ends too late to make our deadlines. If we miss our deadlines, it may end up impacting when subscribers receive their papers in the morning. Then, no one is happy.

I hope that answers your question.


Why has FoxSportsSun blocked T V coverage of the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area?

I have been watching the Lightning for over 15 years on FSN with Comcast as my service provider. Phone calls to the Lightning and Comcast have provided no reasons and they’ve referred me to FSN. Repeated calls to FSN for information have gone to a recording and requests for a return call have gone unheeded. I understand there is an APP available for streaming the Lightning games. This is of little help as I have neither a smart phone/TV.

Gabriel John Dobrian

After reading your email and trying to follow up on it, I understand your frustration. I tried reaching an actual human being to ask the question on your behalf.

I did get through to a recording (the same one you got I suspect), which informed me that Sling and Dish Network both have stopped carrying FSN. No mention of Comcast.

Eric Esteban is Fox Sports Sun’s Director of Media Relations, but I was unable to find a phone number or email for him. Perhaps you’ll have better luck.

I’m wondering if other readers/Comcast customers have noticed the same issues that Gabriel is writing about? Let me know.

Note: Some emails have been trimmed for space considerations.

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